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June 27, 2006



Don't forget the fist-pump!

And the Nadal butt pick is perfectly charming. There should be more photos of that.


there should be! I looked and looked for one before giving up and going with one of the ubiquitous trohpy bites.


Annoying. Every single one of them


His mother once said that he does the buttpick thing because he's nervous. Anyway, it is a little distasteful to watch, but his other fidgetings and superstitions I find charming.


I thought the 'butt pick' was cos his pants were so tight but he's doing it even with the looser Wimby model.
I think its more adjusting his pants (underwear) than picking his butt.
I think he's adjusting his socks less these days.
My favorites are making his oppenent & the chair wait for him while he has his carb gel before he comes to the net for the toss - then he jumps around like a prize fighter before THE sprint.
The punch/hop combo is great - the whole fired up Rafa is impressive - then as soon as the bandana comes off he becomes self effacive and shy - sooooooooo cute.


I think he needs to stop wearing those capris. Anyone with me?



I adore the pirate pants - so roguish, especially along with the bandana. It's very sad Nike is retiring them. Although, I have to admit I'm enjoying seeing a little more leg ;)

Behold the butt picking goodness..


Butt picking is soooooooooooooooooooooo bad - Little class would be appreciated - Nadal is a great talent, just has a very annoying habit (hopefully he will overcome)!


The kid's got a big booty-it's not his fault...
I actually like it. It's kind of funny....


::sigh:: The butt pick. I like it, you can always depend on it. Its so reliable. I like how he's so peculiar about how he screws on the water bottle cap, concentrating so hard :) and the fist pumps and all the energy w/ the open mouthed yelling faces. Then later he looks like a shy Mowgli. And i like how he jumps up to serve and you can see those abs :)


the butt pick is so nasty and annoying. thank God he is wearing normal pants/ shorts now. i am glad. those other capris looked stupid. but rafael is an amazing player... and i am gonna see him play in CHENNAI today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!


It's funny but I think it's his lucky charm! Hehe.

Yeah he should stop wearing capris.


yeah, the butt pick is definitely gross.
but i love the fist-pumping goodness and just his overall energy. everything but the butt-picking.

Sponsorship? is there a pair of undies comfortable enough?


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