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June 03, 2006



Nadal was lucky to escape with the match. Nadal-Hewitt will be interesting that's for sure. I don't think Nadal has ever beaten Hewitt before, but they haven't played since the 2005 Australian Open.

James Blake is going to have to play five days in a row if he gets by Monfils. His match with Monfils was suspended due to darkness and they're a set all. Then Blake would have to take the court Monday against Djokovic (sp?) who rolled over Haas easily. I hope James' fitness is up to the test.

In all honesty, I don't think either Nadal or Fed are playing spectacular ball. Both are ripe for upsets. I wonder if they're both feeling the pressure of trying to give everyone the "Dream Final."


Good points Ally. On Hewitt, Mathieu decided to play Nadal the Blake/Federer way i.e. take the ball early, attack relentlessly with his forehand and approach the net whenever possible.

For Hewitt to win, he'll need to play like Coria did in Rome last year. Going on the defensive almost and looking for opportunities to counter attack. Whether he's in good enough form and fitness to make that happen, I'm not sure. Nevertheless he will make Nadal work and with all the talk about Fed being tired out, it may well work out the other way round.


Nadal stopped the Paul match because he had a piece of banana in th throat, and coul hardly breath.

At the end of the match he complained that he does not understand the french public IS AGAINST HIM in circumstances like that.

Neither do I.

Alex Corretja said Nadal is now his idol.

So is mine

Great win again


Of course the French will be against him...he stopped playing at a crucial time...I don't blame him - the poor kid was choking.
But the French crowd are very focal - like Flushing Meadows.
And Rafa was playing their boy - you can't blame them either.
Like I said in another post on different page - he's playing Mens Tennis and the crowd is part of the match too. I thought he showed great mental strength during the match.
The crowds will obviously favour Federer though as he is a French speaking national.


a french speaking national? what?


Last year they supported federer, which is not a frenc speaking person.

I was astonished to see the crowd supporting the number one when he faced Nadal was 18.

There is only one explanation.

Nadal said it in a spanish interview just after the match.

He said (with a smile), I was choking and people booed me, "cabrones!!!

I do not know english word for "cabrones" but you can guess it


Just as I post yesterday that Fed isn't playing well, he plays his best match of the tournament by rolling Berdych. Now he plays Ancic, I'd love to be there in person to watch that match.

I said this in another thread, but the French people boo at will. Every player has been booed by the fans at one time or another. I remember Mary Pierce lost in the second round one year and they rained boos down on her as she left the court. They're a very tough crowd to please. They're actually harder on their own players then anyone else.

"Cabrones" = "Bastards"


I agree with you Ally

Thanks for translation!!

Rafa did not understand being booed after the match ahs finished and said it is a pity because he thinks they both gave great spectacle.

It was an affectionate "cabrones" anyway ;-)

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