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June 27, 2006



This is from May. Where have you been?

Her name is María Francesca Perelló btw.


Lol, I know; it wasn't newsworthy until she showed up at a public spot; this is a pro tennis fan site, not a teenybopper mag. :-)


Wow. They certainly are, um, touchy-feely. She's pretty, though. I hope Rafa will keep his focus on tennis Rajah-style and not go the Satan and A-Rod way.


i'm surprised the cameras haven't picked her out. they didn't show her during the match. but she definitely is staying with the Nadal clan in their rented home there. hehe gossip...


Actually, I saw a girl hugging Uncle Tony after Nadal's match. It might have been her; I didn't see this post until after Rafa's match. Hmm...

Maurice Williams

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Mary Carillo was saying that at the Nadal rented house there are a lot of people staying there, therefore there is a lot of trash. The Nadal's supposdily stole theri neighbors trashcan and then last night, the neighbors stole it back.


hahhahhaha! Nadal stole a trashcan? classic. I bet those guys are having a blast. Rafa, partyboy LaLo, and who knows who else?


Dude, that was the stupidest thing I have EVER heard a commentator -- any commentator, including Mary Carillo -- say, and I have been listening to ESPN's cast of goofballs for a long time. The only commentators I can stand are Mary-Jo when she's not hyping up Shriekapova, Luke Jensen, and now that's she's back, Pam Shriver. BG is kinda funny, too. The rest, though, don't know what they're talking about. Mary Carillo thinks Venus Williams or Maria Sharapova should be number one seed, not Momo. I'm sorry, but what are their rankings? How many titles have they won this year? That Nadal family thing BETTER be a joke, b/c along with all the comments about illegal "coaching"/time between points/now this garbage, the Nadal family is not going to get much respect from "casual" (read: ignorant) tennis fans, which is a pity b/c they're all generally so classy (especially Uncle Toni himself, who claps when Nadal's opponent hits a winner). Uncle Toni is a lot like Oracene Williams in that respect, actually. And I have a ton of respect for both of them.


>Lol, I know; it wasn't newsworthy until she showed up at a public spot; > this is a pro tennis fan site, not a teenybopper mag. :-)

Coulda fooled me.


From what I understand, she was actually at the Barcelona tournament as well but it wasn't well publicized.

Part of me likes Mary Carillo and the other half of me cringes whenever she opens her mouth. I was at work so I wasn't able to watch the Nadal match but how would she know about stolen trashcans? The trashcan comment just seems wrong to me - I'd love to hear the context, but it seems like a very odd thing to say. Who in the world would have passed that information along?

Maybe this is just my opinion, but I don't get the feeling Mary likes Nadal very much - she respects his tennis ability, yes, but I don't get the vibe that she really likes him.


To momofan, Wimbledon does the rankings differently. Last year that was why Roddick got the number 2 seed and not the 3 or 4 seed. The commentators besides Schriver, and McEnroe, and sometimes BG hype up about too many people. Mary Jo is convinced that Miss-I yell too loud where is the umpire that told Monica Seles to stop grunting-Sharapova is going to be some Steffi Graf, but yes the has reached QF and SF of majors, she has cracked under the pressure in the latter rounds. All the commentators want JHH to win, but if Jackson makes it through to the 4 round, JHH might get a surprise...


Mary Jo seems to live to hype up Shriekapova, but when she's not doing that, she's actually a pretty decent commentator. Pam Shriver told BG "you are totally wrong" when he picked JHH to win the entire thing in 14 sets. I hope Shriver's right. Shriver herself is standing behind Venus; a wise decision, I would say. I think not only that Jackson would give JHH a run for her money but certainly Hingis, if she can keep serving in the low 70% range like she did today and if JHH is even a little tired. If there's anyone you don't want to face when you're tired, it's Hingis, cuz she'll run you ragged. And I hope, if we do get an all-Belgian SF, that Kimmy can get her revenge. I don't like what's been happening to their H2H lately...


Oh, yeah, Kelly thanks for reminding me about Wimbledon's seedings, but if you used their formula on the women, Momo would still be #1. The only major difference from the current seeding is that Maria Shrieka-Grunta-Blastapova would be #2 seed, but the rest remains pretty much the same. So really, Carillo was wayyyyyy off base on her comment that Amelie Mauresmo is not a "deserving no. 1 seed."

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