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June 28, 2006



I guess you were a little off on that prediction. Looks like Roger should cruise now (but you never know). I thought tim would do better after the first set but roger just took off. Hoping Blake comes through now. Cheers


Wayyyy off. Roger just massacred him. Fed is in scary form.


Interesting that Mac feels Fed is due for a letdown after losing RG final. In '84 Mac lost the RG final to Lendl from 2 sets up. Lendl's first grand slam. Mac came back to win W in decisive fashion (over Lendl I think).

Roger may well do the same.



who does fed play next? mahut?


he does i totally guessed wrong yesterday ...i thought vliegen would have an easy win. that's what i get for not doing my hw. who is this frenchman anyways?

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