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June 11, 2006



Well, the women's final was a joke. The nerves, the swings in level of play, and side-bar drama were enough to make ME puke. So, hold your side show Justine.

I would have loved to see Sveta pull this one out and establish herself against Henin. But, as has been the case far too often, Henin's opponents get a case of game freeze and she waltzes to yet another title.

One of the most disappointing aspects of the broadcast on NBC was the "filler" coverage. First, it was pretty obvious that everyone on air was less than excited about the match. Next, the discussion of other story-lines unfolding at the event were almost nil. (mixed doubles winners? upcoming Bryan's match?) Finally, the "great moments" clips they run periodically were a joke. On women's finals day, can't they at least dust off the archives and show great moments from women's finals- instead of the repeat of the Federer/Nadal semi from just last year? I mean, someoneget a clue and look to stuff pre-2000 for a change. I guess nobody realized that yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Chris Evert's record-setting SEVENTH French crown. In the absence of an established, dominant champion today, what could be more fitting than a nod to the greatest champion Roland Garros has ever seen??? This year's final will- likemmany other recent Slam finals- find it's way to into tennis history's recycle bin.

Tiger Lamb Girl

Nothing left to say - except it was indeed a joke. I totally concur with Richard's [above comment] assessment.

This was one of the most boring finals I've seen. Along with the few finals that have been all-Williams'-finals (those make me PUKE too).

Tiger Lamb Girl

Oh. And, yeh - it would have been nice to see some footage of a true great champion - al la Chris Evert. Instead of the drivel they showed and waffled on about during the match.

Bet most of these girls nowadays couldn't play actual tennis with a wooden racket (sheesh - don't get me started on this one).


It's probably a shame JHH's obvious talents are overshadowed by the fact that she is essentially Ivan Lendl: a sullen court personality that is easy to dislike and misunderstand.

Oh, well. No one's crying for Lleyton Hewitt.

Come on!!

Tiger Lamb Girl

What more is there to understand about dishonesty (hand up during serve) or quitting when she knew she would lose (AO final) or her unsportsmanlike cries of 'Allé' when an opponent misses? Sullen for sure, poor sportsmanship and sneaky dishonesty - absolutely obvious.

Adding insult to injury is her penchant to spin what happened instead of just owning up and taking responsibility for her poor decisions. I would respect her if she did that. I might even enjoy her game if she showed an ounce of intergrity.

Yeh. That's some nice girl with integrity underneath all that 'poor decision-making' that she bears no responsibility for.

Please. Grow up Just-lyingpathetic-tine.

Martina Hingis was irritating back in her hey day - even very petulant. But a cheater and a quitter who wouldn't even step up to the plate and own her decisions? Never. Despite her shortcomings, I ALWAYS looked forward to her matches.
It's the opposite for me now with Just-patheticlying-tine. Gag.


Totally agree with you Tiger Lamb Girl. Henin's on-court antics are sickening....especially the "alle's". The real tragedy in this is that Henin has a beautiful game to watch, but you simply cannot get past all the other baggage. The comparison to Lendl could not be more dead-on.

As I've said, give me Chrissie any day.

Viroj Santasombat

Dear Guys,

Obviously you are jealous of JHH. She used to have a lot of great matches before and it's not her fault that the French Open final this year did not live up to your expectation. Her opponents have yet to test her real talents. And making comparision between her and the previous legend is just non sense. Who knows ? JHH could have beaten all those players ?

It's very bad habit to try to downgrade people on their successful days. It tells me more about yourselves than about JHH.


Dear Viroj,

If you read my original post carefully, you'll see that my issues are not only with JHH. For you to say that I am somehow jealous of her is laughable. I would no more want to be JHH than I would want to be Chris Evert. And, speaking of Chris Evert, you are right- making a comparison of JHH to Evert is insane. Evert won 13 more Grand Slams, was #1 in the world for 217 more weeks and in Evert's 18 years as a professional was never ranked #4 in the world. Henin will never establish that kind of legacy.

I am not making any attempt to "downgrade" (???) JHH's talents. She's a great player. But for you to somehow think of JHH as legend status or better than she really is tells us all more about you than you think. The mirror looks two ways.

This French was a nice gift for Henin. As you readily admit, she was hardly pushed to her limits, which makes it hard to say she truly earned it. It really is too bad that she quit her Aussie Open final because of a belly ache. She might well have been halfway to a Grand Slam by now. "alle!"



Chris Evert was never ranked LOWER than #4 in the world in her 18 years as a touring professional.

Sorry for the type-o.



My comment is not meant for you specifically but I could understand your reaction to my message - May be my message hit you on the right spot that you are unconcious of yourself in certain area of your life.

I don't care much about Chris Status's - and it's still not right to make that kind of statement as JHH and her live in different Era. JHH could be even bigger legend than Chris should they be of the same age and play against exactly the same kind of players. Woman tennis is far more competitive than it was. Anyway, I never thought of JHH as a legend. People are great on their own terms. It's others' opinon to give status of "legend" to these people. Both Chris and JHH will one day fade from people memories i.e. after our generation pass away.

Still if you want to compare things unneccessarily, then wait until JHH retire before coming to conclusion.


Poor Viroj,

Thank you for thinking that your JHH posts somehow strike a critical nerve in my life. However, you are sadly mistaken.

If you carefully read my first post (again), you will see that I never compared Chris Evert to JHH in the first place. It was only after you somehow suggested that JHH might be a better player (and I quote you "Who knows ? JHH could have beaten all those players ?") that I felt compelled to draw some comparisons. My comments were purely statistical- numbers that go beyond your opinion or my opinion. If you wnat to believe that Henin's career to this point stands more merit than Evert's purely on the basis that this is a more competitive era, well, again that is certainly our opinion and probably more proof that you are probably like 22 years old. We can gladly wait out JHH's career and I will gladly put my money on the fact that Henin's career accomplishments will never come close to Evert's. But we can agree to disagree.

You know, the thing I find most ironic- not to mention a bit immature and contradicting- in your posts is that you come out of nowhere criticizing EVERYONE else in the posts (who all agree with my perspective). You claim that we are all jealous of JHH, that we have things missing in our lives, and that we are somehow bad people because we have opinions. Well, your posts are personal, insulting to others, and rude. Which is exactly what you are blaming all of us for. It is really not surprising then that you would be such a fan of JHH. After all, her reputation is widely known for being a snob on the tour. Her sportsmanship is definitely her biggest liability. And, this is yet another example of why she can never be compared to Evert. You might look up some tapes of Chrissie. I think you might learn something about the game...and maybe about yourself. It's a shame you have to lash out at the people posting in the room directly instead of keeping your remarks on the subject of tennis. No need to reply, thank you.



Well, you mentioned Chris while downgrading JHH. If you do not have a gut to accept who you truly are, then it's sad. I still have confidence that you feel your inferiority against JHH in some indirect ways. Now being triggered with a simple remark, there pouring a string of your harsh criticism against her and apply that to me. Why remembering all these details ?, especially when JHH has more strengths to offset all those. You must really not like her and that was reflected in your comment. Yes, I like JHH just because of her game and I do not think I have to downgrade anyone of her competitors to make her look better than she really is. I like lots of other players too, Amelie Mauresmo, Lindsay Davenport (this one is really cool), Kim and Nicole Vaidisova.

I would not respond to your comment again after this one. So good luck and find out your true soul soon.


Viroj you are a truly sad, sad individual. Move along.



JHH won the grass court Eastbourne Tournament, wtih very high quality matches beating Kim Clijsters and Anastasia mykina in very closed match.

I hope her racquet has spoken to your narrow-minded (and also a loser's mind in my opinion) much better than your insulting words on her.

Believe me you gain nothing by criticising her the way you did. Grow up and be mature.


I guess I can see both Richard and Viroj, like the rest of us, love tennis with passion. However, I somehow feel such dispute does not really have its own merit. I agreed with what Viroj said people are great on their own terms. JHH, like any other players, are great on her own terms. She is probably the best female player to beat in current era. Just like Federer.
However, sport is also more than just winning, that's why we care so much about sportsmanship. Whether JHH passes highest standard on her sportsmanship is a totally different subject with how great her game is. It's disputable and was a key subject that Richard was exploring with his passion.

It's my personal opinion that JHH needs to do a better job to manage her public relationship - this comes with the job for any professional athlete. You can make top $$$ by playing tennis all because of fans, the public.

When there is so much at stake, it's always tempting for any athlete to use certain approach to her advantage. Some may be toleratable. Some are not.

Quite honesly, to me, it really means little to debate whether any player today play better than another player 20 years ago. Why? It's a comparision with no baseline to start with. We all know players today have more physical strength, better techology, resources, and training to help them play better. However, how in the world do we find out whether a player like Evert won't be better or stronger if she were to have the same condition and treatment as today? Statistic is the only thing we can reference if we really believe numbers speak everything - however isn't that a similar mistake to believe sport is all about winning.

But I have to agree that, no matter how passionate we are for tennis, no one should make it personal. This is a simple courtesy.

Just my 2 cents.

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