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June 06, 2006


Tiger Lamb Girl

Vaidisova kicked Venus's angry, petulant butt. It was awesome. Vaidisova was snotty to a ball boy in her previous match - so I wasn't primed to like her much. HOWEVER, I'm so not a Venus fan - not even remotely - so, I was hoping Nicole would do well - if only to take Venus out. Happily, she didn't get snarky with anyone during the match with Venus. But keep an eye on her; I suspect she's an arrogant brat.
Well done - possible-brat-in-the-making.

Kuznetsova sucked in the first set - then went on to win convincingly. Safina played well in the first set - but Kuznetsova found her rhythm and there was no stopping her.

Hingis just wasn't up to the task with Clijsters - unfortunately. Being a big fan of Hingis - and cheering her on through her comeback - it was hard to see her lose. However, she couldn't have lost to a nicer player. I hope Kim does well through the rest of the tourney. Martina - if you're reading this -- go beef up in the upper body - so you can serve some fast ones. And work on your speed round the court! That's all that's missing from your game! You'll be unstoppably awesome!

Just-pathetic-tine HH - ulgh - I couldn't bear to watch her for more than a few minutes. She makes me sick. If she gets through - I hope WHOEVER is her opponent summarily kicks her poor-sportswoman-like, scrawny butt. And what's UP with her chest?!?! What IS she taking? Don't buy the 'press' clips of her charity work -- she's just trying to gloss over her bad attitude.

Eric C.

I only saw the end of Nalbandian-Davydenko, the last set.
Might have turned out differently, if Davydenko hadn't commited so many unforced errors. 3 or 4 break points at 2-1 for him i think, and he missed one he never should have ...


Tiger Lamb Girl, please do not suspect too much, Nicole is a sweet girl only 17 tough, at that age anybody could be a bit brat sometimes. Bollettieri said this about her "she has no ego at all, but she's a tough mama." She is going trough a lot lately but something tells me she is a nice girl. Go Nicole!!!!

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