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June 16, 2006



I wish I could see clips of the matches. Maybe these players are overachieving because they're playing Fed.


Obviously he is still trying to recover from his loss at French Open....but Nadal already quit (retired from the match). It's interesting to see all of sudden less people are intimidated by Federer after he showed his human vulnerable side at French Open. I think other players starts to believe they can challenge King Federer too.

How can Federer regain his status? Or actually it's better for the tennis if he does not dominate again?


I think it's better for Roger if he has to scrape through some matches. His biggest problem seems to be his mental toughness and he's been cruising so much over the past 2-3 years that players showing some pluck against him can only improve his game and strengthen his resolve. I love lackadaisical, Louis 14-style Roger, but I love seeing him dig deep even more and fight. He needs more fight if he's going to challenge Nadal.


I didn't watch his matches but I think he is just putting in enough effort to get by. Come June 26, he'll be firing on all cylinders. Hopefully, the injury to Nadal today is not serious as I would love to see another Nadal-Federer finals.


Fed always has trouble against Rochus cos they played as juniors alot & I think Rochus leads the head to head.
Rochus is a nifty talented player who gives everyone trouble.
Hey guys lets not write Fed off yet!
I believe he is still the master!


I'm not going to get down on Rog yet. Gasquet has always played Fed tough as has Rochus. Right now I'm not worried.

Now if Fed loses tomorrow or Sunday, then you're really going to hear all sorts of speculation about Roger's head and/or game, whether warranted or not.


I think that Roger Federer is the only person who can lose only 4 matches in a season (all to one person) and have the media jump down his throat about his losing it talent-wise. He ties Borg's record and he gets a skimpy paragraph, with the qualifier that he lost the French Open to Nadal. As if that really makes it less of an achievement! The fact that one more grass win means he will hold the record in 2 or 3 surfaces apparently means nothing, even though it is obvious to many that he is in the process of figuring out Nadal's game. No, it's all about how he isn't firmly planted on the pedestal that the media perched him upon some time ago. What a fickle bunch they are.

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