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June 27, 2006



It really sucks that Richard gets Roger on the first round. I really like his game and he just needs a break to get some confidence. Ah well. That was SCARY playing from Roger though - he basically did not allow Richard to play his game. Period.


I love Gasquet's game and, as a Fed fan, if he was going to lose to anyone this Wimbledon, I wanted it to be Gasquet. Gasquet has the game to be a dominant player in the years to come, if he can manage to develop both his fitness and his confidence. So when Fed's years at the top are over, I'll be in Gasquet's corner.


I honestly think Gasquet was playing well enough to take Roddick out in the first round and I think Federer was scary. If he keeps this form up over the fortnight, NO ONE is stopping him. If his form drops, though, or if he gets tired from working so hard in the first few rounds (we think he's not tired when he's perfect like this, but he's probably mentally exhausted from playing so perfectly) he might have to worry about Ancic. The rest of the lot should be pushovers for him.


I totally agree, momofan; Gasquet played very well for the most part. I think the drubbing he was getting despite that really broke him down towards the end. But, for sure, if he had anybody else across the net first round and he played like he did, I would have favored him to win.

Gasquet is definitely babyfed; will be interesting to watch him mature. I've already decided that Djokovic will be my new least favorite player and am excited for when he has the skills, the titles and the physique to back up his jive talking.


I know I said this already about Safin, but I want to be babyfed's mirka. roger always talks about how meeting mirka was the turning point in his career. that's sweet. i hope gasquet can get someone like that in his career to help him out with his immense talent. and i can't stand djokovic's "jive talking" lol. hard to believe rafa's only a year or two older than him yet is so much more mature/humble/respectful.


(my current least favorite player is Kiefer)...I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive The Racquet Toss.


Especially since he did that against S. Grosjean, who's another one of my favorite players (can you tell I just love French flair?). My mom heard someone talking about Kiefer on the radio, and the commentator said, "if there's a travelling psychiatric ward out there, please go down under to australia and pick up kiefer." LOL. that raquet toss will always be how i remember him, unfortunately, especially since he won.


Roger's jacket is like him smart, cool and urbane. Now I'm really grumpy cos unfortunately I missed his match...I was busy getting thrashed 6-0 (ouch) 6-3.


lol it's okay, i feel your pain paleochora...i just got thrashed 6-2 but ended up winning 'cause the guy defaulted...

babyfed is a big favorite of mine as well but if he was going to go down at least it was to TMF. if he (fed) plays like this no one is going to trouble him in this tournament.

p.s. ivo karlovic is out. and i, for one, am breathing a little bit easier because of that.


haha ancicfan, we avoided the ancic-karlovic servefest, huh? thank goodness (and stanislas wawrinka) for that. i really, REALLY want to be babyfed's mirka. but back to nadal (does he already have a mirka?) on ESPN...


lol...he has a's not really a mirka in that they've only been together a little while and it's pretty hush hush. for more info check out the rafanatics at

she's quite young (17-18?) but then so is he...

p.s. who *doesn't* want to be babyfed's mirka?? je l'aime. il est trop beau.


ahhh yes, babyfed is such a cutie. especially when he wins. and also in that youtube video. and i was just kidding about rafa, i think he could do without a mirka since he's got uncle toni, no? LOL. but babyfed...that's an interesting proposition, no?


yeah i guess so. it would stabilize him and give him some more motivation possibly...both of which he needs to really make the impact we all know he can. i'd be kind of sad if he got a mirka though. but that's just me being selfish :P


hey ancicfan, are you watching the nadal-bogo match? it's making me wonder, what if nadal-baby fed had happened? i'm guessing it would have been a straight setter for Little Richard. Poor Richie....


not watching unfortunately (grr...) because i am at work. sigh.
this sucks.

i'm still finding time to check out all the tennis blogs though ;) it's okay...i rationalize this by the fact that i'm not getting paid.

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