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June 27, 2006



Maybe he's trying to channel Nadal? Of course, we KNOW ESPN is not going to leave coverage of his match for anything except their boy Roddick beating Federer, so I'm pretty much resigned that my TV is going to be on Agassi vs. Pashanski for the next 1.5 hours or so. But I think it would be sad if Agassi lost to Pashanski in the first round of Wimbledon (which I think, just might happen, unfortunately).


His socks are no more distracting than the border-line lingerie outfits of the the women's players these days. I'm thinking if socks are distracting, then you're on the wrong channel.


THANK YOU. I got ridiculed at work today for pointing out his socks and how I felt they were weird.

And momo, I don't think anyone was SERIOUSLY distracted from the actual tennis by his socks ... but you have to admit they looked funny.


The ankle socks made his legs look a little lady-like-- so delicate and graceful! Maybe not what he was going for.


finally, some agreement! :-)

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