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May 24, 2006



This was a good episode of Center Court, one of the best I think. He is the favorite at Roland Garros for sure.

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I enclose an link (Spanish, I'm sorry), where Nadal is asked about Federer's behaviour in ROme.

Nadal says it was not correct from Federer shouting to his team (Toni). He thinks that yo must be a gentlemen winning or losing. He says that Roger will behave again as good as always.

Toni Nadal says that Roger is very nervous about the chance to win 4 GS.Says it was not good in the match when Federer doubted about Rafa intentions and asked the umpire to get from his chair twice. Roger also marked the bad ball in other opportunity. We all remember RG last year Rafa giving a ball to Roger. Rogers declarations in Rome (I should have won) contrast a lot with Rafa's ones after the Miami final last year, with a very important ball bad recall.

I talked long time ago about Roger's arrogance. Now I am not alone, yo can look for these two words in google.

"I should have won" from Roger was not saying that Nadal didn't deserve to win, but rather Roger meant that he shouldn't have lost the match when he held 2 match points. It's true, Roger should have won being up 4-1 in the final set and having had match points, but instead he dropped his game and ended up letting Nadal win. If you were in Roger's position you would know also that you should have won that match having had such a position.

As for calling out Toni Nadal's coaching, that's Toni's fault, not Federer's. Plus, it was the people asking the questions in the after-match interview that brought it up first, NOT Roger. They asked him if he was talking to Tony Roche when he shouted something like "Is that all right, Toni?" during the match and Federer clarified that he was talking to Toni Nadal because he caught him coaching. Of course Nadal doesn't know the context so he must have thought that Roger just brought up Toni's coaching for no reason and thought that he was being petty. That was not the case. Nonetheless, it's not just Federer who has noticed Toni's coaching, and if you were Federer playing in a championship match and the other side is being inappropriate you would also be frustrated.

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