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May 20, 2006



That was a well written article. I don't find Fed cocky - he is an athlete who is able to assess & comment on his ability and perfomance with honesty.
He's prepared as well as he could for the French Open and I don't think its beyond him....only Nadal is better on clay, if Nadal has an off day and someone knocks him out then Fed has a great shot..but beating Nadal in the final...mmmn that would be hard based on their last two weeks play.


Rafael hasn't had an off-day on clay since last year before his winning streak started.

Btw, the comment from Fed: he needs to tone it down a bit. The french really warmed up to Rafa because he's humble and for a 19 year old, he's pretty wise from the comments he's made. I have a feeling the french are going to be on nadal's side if federer makes it to the final :p


"Being left-handed, Nadal naturally hits his forehand high and bouncing to Federer’s backhand – the nastiest shot in tennis to deal with. Worse, the pretender is acquiring a psychological grip over the emperor."

First of all, Rafa's not left-handed. He's right handed and he plays w/ his left, and that takes talent and discipline (Did that article purposely forget to mention that? I think so....) Also, I don't like the reference to Rafa as the "pretender".

This article was totally biased and full of crap (ie. the references to Federer as a roman emperor).


icyswirls: i don't think they did that on purpose. not a lot of people know (outside of the tennis-fan-elite) that nadal is a righty playing lefty. also i think it takes as much talent and discipline (not necessarily more) to do that for him as if he were playing righty since obviously he prefers playing lefty.

and why don't you like the reference "pretender"? it's a pretty accurate analogy and i don't think it's used in a derogatory sense.

i admit that the article is very pro-federer and quite biased, but i did not find it "full of crap." it was well-written and quite entertaining (even though some the roman nose...were off)


The roman nose was the only thing i agreed with in this article....

But federated, thanks for finding the article


haha okay then icyswirls, let's agree to disagree ^^


ok deal:) only cuz you're an ancic fan and he's one of my fave players


hey ancic fan you must be pretty pleased with your boy's performance in Hamburg. He faced match points against Blake and came back to win. He did the same the next day. What a pity he ran out of steam in the last game.


i am! it was a great run and i'm not too disapointed because robredo is playing fantastic. mario is going to play in the world team cup now and hopefully he does well there. i just wish he had a bit more time to rest.

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