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May 21, 2006


if h-h is healthy then her. but i doubt she'll be 100% so i'll say petrova.


I think Petrova is the favorite going into the French Open but we have to see how she's going to handle the pressure. People are expecting to see big things from her at RG now that she's won 4 titles on clay this year...but we'll have to wait and see.

Hingis Fan

I'm a Hingis fan and I think she's got a shot. Personally, I can't stand Justine Henin Hardine -- she's a poor sport shouting "Aleé" everytime her opponents make an error.


I'm still annoyed with Justine over the Great Australian Cop Out, but I can't deny that she's possibly the best female player ever when her game is on.

Lol, my bet is on Venus Williams, excuse me, the last comment on Hardenne being the best player, have you forgot the Williams...


How could anyone forget the Williams? The Williams are both great players and have Nadal-like will to win, but I think Justine has a more solid and well-rounded game than Venus or Serena.

I wouldn't count Venus out for the French, but her loss to Hingis isn't a good sign. Venus lost that match; Hingis didn't win it IMHO.

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