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May 19, 2006



I see you frequent the Vamos! Rafael forum. You forgot to mention that the girl who took the video was talking a holiday in Mallorca as alot of Europeans do. And I dont think she was stalking him because as im sure you've probably heard on the forum Rafa's pretty laid back and is seen around manacor, a lot. THis video, i think, was more of a fan siting than a fan stalking video. I pmed her to tell her that you used her video.

1. If you think it's creepy, why are you posting it here ?
2. Did you ask her the permission ?
3. The girl was on holidays in Mallorca and were not stalking Rafa. This is not a paparazzi video at all.
4. You'd better think before posting.


Hey! Who said anything about this being a paparazzi video? It's all in good fun. :-)


hi, icyswirls! thanks for the comments and the context!

Hey, don´t you think it´s mean to write, "Germans stalk Nadal" if you don´t exactly know who this video made or how this video was made.
I don´t think you ask for permission to post the link in here cause then you would know, that it was no video of a stalker. The girl who made the video wrote, that she was filming the cathedral, when Rafael Nadal walked towards his car...


yeah you're right, but i don't think the title "some random generic persons stalk rafa" has the same ring to it.

but in all seriousness thanks for the clearing up of the facts. i'm sure federated didn't mean anything by it though.


I don't think the federated meant for the post to be negative. Either way, if the video is on youtube, it's pretty much fair use. Also, it's not like the video was posted on the blog, just a link to the video was posted. You don't usually need permission to do that, or much of anything legal on the internet.


PMac, that wasn't really the issue. THe issue was that the video was taken out of context and the girl who made the video was labeled as a stalker when she was just enjoying her vacation and saw rafa walking to his car by the cathedral.

But i think its time to move on now...

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