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April 18, 2006



He was practicing with Mario Ancic and Ancic accidentally hit him in the left eye with the ball. This happened a few months ago.


I was surprised how little press this got. This year, in the ABN AMRO tournament in Rotterdam, Mario Ancic and Thomas Johansson teamed up for doubles. During a practice session right before their match Johansson was hit in the eye with a tennis ball and was seriously injured (by Ancic I'm guessing although the press has been very careful to avoid pointing any fingers). Well, the ball must have hit him very very hard because his retina was detached or something from the rest of his eye. He had to have surgery and is out for many months.

It really is very unfortunate. I hope he makes a full recovery and soon.


Wow. I hadn't heard a word - thanks for the information. That really is unfortunate. Ancic must have felt terrible. I really hope Johansson is able to make a full recovery.

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