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April 25, 2006



Great great article. I agree 120%.

And hope that Fed don't do it in Paris.

I love watching Federer frustrated and imitating Nadal's hits in anger.

It is easy being polite when you are the one who wins all.

"If you do not say I am the best I will cry and cry and cry"

I am a little bit bad, I know.



yes you are.

but only a little.

blake fan

what rivalry?

Spud Dog

The rivalry between Fed and the rest of the entire ATP tour. Where have you been for the last 2 years?


Great article. You'll soon be taking those last sentences back, though. It's becoming quite clear that Nadal torments Federer in ways no one has ever done before.

the swede

Good article!
My opinion is that the atp-tour has revival a new golden era the last couple of years- with the lone and only reason.. the ONE MAN SHOW by a certain Swiss named Roger Federer. Already 7 Grand Slam, it´s been quite a ride.

The all around genius by the swiss pretty much isolated him a top of the ranking system... It´s been absolutly thrilling too see him in a more and more faster pace chase down the recors of the sport. But ON the court it hasn´t been the thrill, the guy is just too dominant, how strange it may sound but he maybye got too dominant for his own good!

Something that the media certainly has discovered, there was a short buzz about an upcoming Federer-Roddick rivalry in 2003, but that was quickly destroyed by Feds devastating supremacy. Lacking of some serious challengers, Federers real motivation has been too make a impact in the historybooks...

Now finaly a prodigy from Mallorca has taken up the great challenge to the Champ. He has already proven himself as a worthy opponenet too say the least (4-1 HtH) and by the tremendous display he shows on the claycourt he must now be seen as a serious threat even on the No-1 spot. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, A RIVALRY IS BORN.

And I think everyone is a winner by this fact, thier encounters promises too hype the game to new heights. Because everyone want´s too see a real battle at highest level. Don´t forget that the Borg-Mcenoroe or the recent Sampras-Agassi rivalrys were the true prime of the sport..

Even Roger himself has something too win about this new situation. Now he has find a player that has given him three straight loses and where his overall game just don´t bite. He must now push himself even harder and even find new weapon if he doesn´t want too see himself been beaten in a regular bases by the Spaniard. And that can´t be an opion by a player who´s destinied too be one of if not the greatest player ever.

Views on my thoughts, right or wrong?


I agree with most of your thoughts.

I love when everybody gives reasons to the Nadal wins(he is lefty, he hits the ball high on Fed's BH), and he says, "well if it is so easy why nobody else does?. Maybe it is no easy no?"

Just one thing. Wilander said: "People always says that the best player of the moment is the best player ever"

I have great respect for Wilander. It made me think and I agree with him. For me Sampras was better than Federer in grass. For me Borg was more complete as a tennis player for his time. And won RG and Wimbledon a fistful of times.

OK, Federer is one of the more complete players, his forehand, service, backhand...

The best of all times? Hmmmm.....Facts please


I think its too early to call Federer the greatest of all time.....I mean, there are those who will tell you John McEnroe was the most talented player they ever saw....even though he never gave his career a full effort.....I think that is total opinion based....I definitely say for right now, in this moment, he's the best of his time and will be one of the greatest ever....not quite at the best ever, at least not for now.....we'll have to wait and see how his career progresses thru the years.....


I think Federer will prove himself, God willing, to be one of the all time greats - and I wish him a long career. He has all the potential and Grand Slams so far to join Borg, Mac & Sampras, if he can maintain this form, but of course anything could happen.
I think Nadal's presence can only improve Fed's game, sometimes I think he loses concentration in the 2nd set of his game cos its too easy for him. I even wondered if he does it on purpose to challenge himself.
We didn't see that against Nadal - he was working hard trying to come up with something that worked the whole match - cos Nadal has an ability to make winners out of impossible shots.
It can only be good for tennis & us fans to have these two guys around - hopefully for many years to come.


The article is simply superb & catches the essence well. True , Rafa stands between Federer achieving total greatness. But hey, its only one Roland Garros crown ( by Nadal) we are talking about, i am sure he has the ability to pocket many more , but just ponder over this, in a year's time how close Federer has come to conquering Nadal, a surface, ( clay) so alien to him, he is pumping himself up to be the master of the dirt( clay), a feat not even attempted by the likes of greats such as Sampras, Mcenroe, Edberg, Becker & we find stalwarts of the clay M/S Nadal, Thomas Muster, Gustavo Kuerten not able to win on any other surface but clay. The case in point is Federer constantly evolves himself true to the Darwinian theory that man will continue to upgrade himself depending on the surroundings. This effort itself surely sets Federer, the champ, totaly apart from the rest of the shining greats as the only one who wants to be the best ever & will leave no stone unturned in his quest of achieving total glory. It is 8th of June when i am writing this note when the RG semi-finals are yet to take place but surely three days later a classical piece in the history of tennis is going to unravel in front of us. Whot say you ?


I say...keep dreaming!!!!

I will always love more the Mc Enroe and Sampras magic in the net, than Roger cold tennis-book perfection.

I do not like the angry face in Federer when he is playing.

He is too obsessed with being the best.

Spud Dog

There was a time when you were writing that you liked Federer and had respect for him and his tennis game. Seems you have lost all your respect for someone you don't really know.

I agree Fed is an evil player and is bad for the game of tennis.

the Anti_Federer Collective


Federer is the best the world has ever seen.

Spud Dog

Come on zac! Be reasonable. Fed's game is so boring! Yes he has every shot that can be hit, I'll admit that. A beautiful well placed serve, a forehand that tears the cover off the ball, a 'weak' backhand that can supply a winner at any moment. Graceful movement. A pretty effective and almost text-book net game.

OK, he's 38-3 this year and has lost to only one other player in the entire ATP. And, yes, he's No. 1 in the world by about 2465 points. OK, if he were to lose to Nadal again in the final at the French, he would actually gain on him in the rankings, I'll give you that.

Yea, his is adored by his peers who vote him to many awards and have more than a little respect for his tennis game. And he is very active with his humanitarian program in South Africa.

OOPS, I forgot, if he were to win the French he would have all four grand slam titles (in a row). I'll concede that to you.

But still I think he is bad for tennis and he doesn't treat Nadal with respect to my standard. And when he plays, he doesn't jump around the court and pump his fist quite enough so I've decided I don't like him.

I can't come up with anything good to say about him.

the Anti_Federer Collective

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