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April 19, 2006



Jeez, talk about chugging the Haterade! Judging by the sheer venom of the entry, you'd think Maria ran over the writer's puppy or something! Honestly, in reading the entire article, it's mostly pure mindless hatred more than anything else. I mean I'm not crazy about Sharapova either, but I couldn't say half of the things that this writer says.

So Wimbledon 2004 was luck, huh? Hm, guess that's why Maria has managed to pile up 24 wins over the last 5 GS, a total matched only by Lindsay Davenport. Yeah, she just gets lucky. As for Maria's quality of play (or lack thereof), there's no doubt that she is just a mindless basher, but I think her footwork and quickness are VERY underrated (you try and move that quick and assuredly in that giraffe-like 6'2" frame!).

As I previously stated, I'm far from a Sharapova fan, but I know how to give credit where credit is due. There are quite a few things about Maria that I could do without, but even with that, I don't wanna' see her disappear off the face of the planet as this writer apparently does.


WOW! I don't even know where to start, so I'll keep it short and sweet, people shouldn't allow hatred to consume their existance, as this person has, I wouldn't be suprised if she lives in a bomb-shelter that is covered in pictures of Maria, I can't take an article seriously that was written by someone who doesn't even know which Williams won Wimbledon last year, and last if a consistent Quarter/Semi/Finalist and solid top five player has skidded by on pure luck and no talent for the last 2 years, what does that say about the state of the WTA?


This Kim Zigfeld person is a nutbag - anyone who hates someone or something that much needs profesional and personal help.

There's a site called "Russia Blog" where Zigfeld comments a lot and he/she gets called on his/her often wobbly grasp of facts quite often. She is pretty much considered a joke by the majority of the posters.

I visited its site for chuckles and one of his/her recent posts slams Anastasia Myskina for posing nude for GQ a couple of years ago and even tries to link Myskina posing nude with high Russian AIDS stats. He/She seems to hate all the Russian players, not just Maria, but this entry is particulary ludicrous.


Just to clarify, the Myskina post is on Zigfeld's own blog La Russophobe, not "Russia Blog."


I share the impression abut the part referring to her personality. The incident with Golovin express that impression of a high town capricious girl.

Even Agassi has only respect and good words for his armenian origin, although he almost never was there.

blake fan

The writer sounds like she has too many personal issues with Sharapova's success so her blog entry isn't something to be taken seriously and is hardly worthy of reporting in another blog. She sounds like just another shrieking nutjob. Maria's the richest female athlete in the world. Deal with it.

andy roddick

hshahahah funny article..........true but harsh

stacy carpernter

i am not a maria's fan but i think that she was harsh. except for her lack of character. i think that she will be a one hit wonder with millions.

Spud Dog

An unbelieveable critique on the current number 3 female player on this planet! Reminds me of the critics who comment on Kournakova's tennis ability. Do these people have any inkling on just how good these girls are at what they do?? And they didn't get there through tennis talent osmosis either. Just lucky? Her play is lousy? To question any of the tennis abilities of the top tour pros (WTA or ATP) is not even worth the effort from Kim whomever. As for Maria's character, unless one knows her personally it's not even an opinion but merely vicious guesswork. Just like criticizing her looks, this article is pour jealousy.

In Maria's last 7 grand slam tournaments she has made the semis 4 times and won wimby once. If that's luck, she should buy lottery tickets. Not that she needs the money!


personally, i think this article speaks for itself. it is so obviously biased that no true tennis fan could take it seriously nor should he/she really feel the need to defend sharapova because i think just about everyone agrees on this one (wow, is this a first?) This article is just another example of an extreme side of the spectrum. i.e. this girl makes some valid points (golovin incident) but is more loony than lucid. i guess for every person so blinded by sharapova's good qualities that she can do no wrong, there is another jealous person who can only find faults. and when they can't find any it seems they just make them up. this is not new people, this is human nature.

Michael Averko

Zigfeld is a crank who has used two prior names.

At that site - the details are in the Comments section following that stupidly bigoted article.

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