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April 09, 2006



I'm with on you on not being offended by Sharapova's behavior.

The way some journalists and fans are acting it's like Maria went over there and clubbed Golovin herself.

Maria walked off the court with Golovin and even stayed with her in the locker room until she was taken to the hospital. What else do people want her to do? Do boxers go over and check on their opponents when they're down? Do hockey players? Do football players? No - they stay out of the way while the opponent is getting medical assistance.

I think Maria was booed because she was a female and females aren't supposed to "act like that." I really don't think Roddick or a male player would have gotten booed if they hadn't gone over to see how their opponent was doing.

As for the basketball game, there are other pics where they are laughing and smiling at one another, so either they are Oscar-winning actresses or else they're good friends.


Before anyone criticizes me, I'd say the same thing if it were Venus, Serena, Lindsay, Justine, or any of the other women, and I would support them if they had acted like Maria did.

Each person is different in their behavior and reactions.

The problem is that in the future Maria will cross over the net to see how an injured opponent is doing and people will see it as fake because of all the criticism she received for not going over previously.

Spud Dog


I guess it all depends on what behavior we are talking about here. On Golovin's injury Maria claims,

""I honestly thought it was cramps. That's why I was kind of getting ready, trying to get myself going, because I know after a three- or four-minute layoff, you can get down and very sloppy. I wanted to make sure that didn't happen."

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on that one but it's ironic that she state's this after her impromptu bathroom break request. She claims she "really had to go" but she pulled the same tactic in the second round against Li Na when she fell behind 4-1 in the second set. (She came back from the break a reeled off 5 straight games to take the match.) Do you think she is trying to create "a three- or four-minute layoff" as she relates to in her quote? If so, how is this any different than yelling during a ball toss, throwing your racquet during your opponents volley, or any other deliberate tactic to distract your opponent?

I think the WTA needs to look into somehow tightening up all these breaks that are being taken during a tennis match.

I think Sharapova was being booed for the whole package of behavior during the Golovin match and not just her failure to look concerned during the injury. I don't think it had anything to do with her being female. You said it yourself Ally:

"Each person is different in their behavior and reactions."

Some players would have rushed to their opponents side after they went down and others would have went to their chair and taken a seat, male or female. I've seen both happen in past matches where unfortunate injuries occurred.

Interesting topic!! What do the rest of you think?


I'm so relieved that I'm not alone, I cannot believe how much the drama queens in the tennis media overreacted to this whole thing, especially Mary Carrillo, to call Maria a liar(among other things) the next day when she has no idea what Maria was thinking at the time, was extremely over the top, and made me more angry than anything that happened during the match, as the season goes on I hope everybody just lets it go, not that it ever should have been a big deal anyway.


I was not offended by Maria at all. I think much has been made about absolutely nothing, and I agree with the poster that talked about Mary Carillo. What is Mary's problem? She's become so hateful and attacking about players. But this latest takes the cake, calling someone a liar like she actually KNOWS what someone is thinking. Maria didn't do anything wrong. Mary Carillo needs to get a new job, she's becoming hysterical during tennis matches and it isn't pretty to watch


Mary Carillo's been a problem for years now. She used to be such a great announcer and then one day it just seemed like she decided she hated tennis or something.

I get the distinct impression that she never pays any attention to it between announcing gigs. She talks openly about never having heard of players that most tennis fans know.

It's a mystery to me how she keeps her job. Probably her bosses know less about tennis than she does.


Check the article that was published in the New York Times about Maria...seems like the above posters are in the minority. Alot of people think what Maria did through the Golovin match was inappropriate. You can spin her actions and try to say that she was trying to stay focused, but when these incidents happen where your opponent goes down and they're in pain, there's a split second which determines the person/athlete you are: a compassionate person or self-absorbed. Maria established who she is during the Golovin match. Taking 2 seconds to ask "Are you okay?" won't bring down your level of play.

As for the NBA game, that was totally set up by the WTA. Maria is the poster child for the WTA. The New York Times article (published on the day of the Nasdaq open final) painted a very bad picture of Maria which did not do alot of good for women's tennis. Anything that hurts Maria's image hurts the WTA.


I agree with all of you. I didn't really have a problem with the break...was it done on purpose?? None of us knows....I have bladder problems and when you gotta go, you gotta go...some people cannot hold their bladder for long periods of time....I am always amazed at how tennis players seem to drink so many fluids during matches and have no problem...Maria is not known for doing this type of, I think it was unintentionally done.....yeah, there are players who take advantage of breaks and injury timeouts....but the WTA and ATP tours need to stiffen up the rules if they wanna prevent it from cannot fault the players....

Mary Carillo does bother me sometimes, but she's a heck of a lot better than Pam Shriver or Tracy Austin......I cringe when I see the 2 of them commentating and when its both together, I can't take least Mary doesn't go into a soap box like Pam....all Pam talks about is the most irrelevant information...who they're dating, what they eat, what they wear...she is so annoying!!! Plus she never shuts up...even talks during points....I can remember a girl falling down in a match and her skirt flying up and Pam saying "wow, the guy's are getting a good look now." It's just plain bad commentating...


Man, a lot of interest in this topic, first of all I can't believe anyone would think Mary Carillo is a bad commentator, there is no other woman that commentates that is even close to as good as she is, she knows tennis, she has insite into the players... their lives, their games, she played tennis, she actually says intelligent things instead of pointing out the obvious like many of the current ( male ) commentators out there. Mary used to be a bad comentators but in the passed 5 or 6 years she has become awesome. Now! First of all tennis professionals and top quality tournament players know that part of your match preparation is to "GO TO THE BATHROOM " and not eat crappy fatty food that upsets your stomach before a match , why do you think 99% of the players never have to go during a 3 hour plus match... she is a professional with a large team behind her... of course she doesn't have to go , ever heard of GAMESMANSHIP, against Li Na she suddenly had to go at 4 - 1 down... hmmmm something seem strange there, then when down again she has to go later in the tournament, this should not be allowed ... she should be fined or penalized for bad sportmanship... now I love Maria but she needs to grow up a little. As for he watching as Golivin was injured, that is minor and everyone should forget about it.


grrr.. tennis commentators just trying to stir up shit. seriously they should just get over it. whats past is past. ive been hearing that mary carillo is not so friendly (though i dont have espn or what ever channel shes on) but during the australia open when tracy austin was commentating on that, the way she talked about martina higus- like she was god-send made me want to puke.. hehe maybe its just me

Spud Dog

Carillo is opinionated and often controversial that is how she has kept her job for over twenty years now. She knows tennis better than most of her colleagues (men or women) and they have enormous respect for her. She stands her ground against the macho commentators like JP Mac, Jim Courier and Brad Gilbert who often talk down on the women's game. She is the only way I stay awake during those 40 minute early round WTA matches that are usually a waste of time. There is no other female comentator out there that comes close to her announcing capabilities. She has received numerous awards for her work in many sports, not just tennis. She has co-authored several books with highly accredited sports writers. I like her female perspective on the men's game. She often points out tactical strategies during the men's matches that I have totally over-looked. That earns my respect!

I'm stunned that she is recieving so much negative commentary here! If she were like the other female commentators Evert, Austin, Fernandez, Navratilova, Wade (SNORESVILLE) you would all be whining about how boring she is making the matches. That's my opinion.

And I absolutely love Maria but I can't believe that most of you have no problem with her bathroom break strategy. Her bladder problem only occurs when she gets behind and her opponent is on a roll. She is taking advantage of the rules as they currently are written. This is the first time I have seen her do this so I will chalk it up to one bad tournament but it, at least, should be noted and watched for in future matches.


Its great that Pova's fans are sticking up for her; however
if this had been Justine or one of the Williams sisters these
same Pova's fans would be holding Justine and the Sisters to
a much higher standard of behavior!!!


I can agree that I look down upon a player who uses injury timeouts, bathroom breaks and such to stop momentum, but how do we know for sure its not a sincere break needed? Until the tennis rules are re-written to cover these purposeful breaks, how can you blame the players? I blame the lack of rules and lack of guts to stand up to them.....instead of debating the bathroom break for 5 minutes, either let her go then or make her wait....the chair umpire wasted a lot of time debating what to do.....there are so many aspects uncovered in the game......coaches who speak another language able to side-coach freely b/c the chair can't understand them while english speaking coaches do you fix those little curves??? Its hard to do.....

About tennis commentators.....Carillo does bother me sometimes just b/c she gets so over-dramatic and exaggerates certain situations....all-in-all she's good, she knows her stuff and generally does a good job.....again, like I said earlier I'd take her 10-1 over Pam Shriver and Tracy Austin....they annoy me a lot and have no self-control over talking.....even during points.....I love Johnny Mac to death and used to love to see him with Chris....she doesn't commentate anymore....but Mary is a lot better than most....I just wish she wouldn't blow things out of proportion sometimes....I guess its b/c she's so passionate about the game, but I disagree with her sometimes...... French Open semis: Serena vs. Justine, could not have been more emotional or over-dramatic about a match........


i think this match showed two things

1) golovin is a heckuva fighter

2) maria needs to learn some tennis decorum (let's just say that whatever your position, this match certainly did not portray sharapova in a good light)

basketball game or no basketball game, maria needs to get her priorities straight on court but let's not let her faults overshadow golovin's heart.

that match should be remembered for the brilliant second set comeback and the "never say die" attitude of the frenchwoman


actually maria and tatiana grew up together in florida

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