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March 30, 2006



forget the forehand. can someone help him hit a less defensive backhand. and teach him how to return big serves.


Shawn, I saw Ferrero playing here in Madrid, and winning the Masters beating Federer in Semis. He was no.1, I was there, and I can assure you that this guy did not have precisely a defenssive backhand and a bad return. It was quite impressive the way and strength in his arms.

Any tennis teacher will tell you how strong and winner was his forehand.

This happens to many players, in tennis or golf. Simply that great touch has gone, and you do not know why. He changes the racket, he hits a bit later, many possible reasons. But it is gone. Because tennis and golf require an exquisite balance, are really technic games. A percent of a second, an imperceptible change and...

Spud Dog

From the end of 2003 and through the entire 2004 season Ferrero had one injury or illness after another. Chicken Pox, abductor muscle, thigh, wrist, ankle, back. I'm not sure if he has ever recovered from this. Antonio is right, with his style of game a half step can be a huge difference!

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