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March 30, 2006


Jon Rubinstein

No surprise here as Rios is one of the most talented players ever. Probably top 5. Too bad he was always injured and quite a head case.


My only surprise is the apparently civil press conference he held afterwards. I doubt that will last.


Rios was #1, one who never won a Slam. I didn't like him.


I saw many players training and Marcelo had the most impressive forehand I have ever seen. The speed an weight was amazing. Federer said that Marcelo was the player he most liked to see when both were actives.


Antonio you're kidding me. Federer never said such a thing.

Rios had an annoying attitude on and off court.


I could not find the qote, but it was in Federer official web. Anyway the annoying attitude has nothin to do with the quote I think.
Here You have an interesting link.

When I want to kid you it will be clear :-)


I won't read about Rios. He's done.

Probably you're right about the quote. Now I remember it also. It was on Roger's site. Roger says often kind stuff about other players. He was a hot-headed guy in his teens too.

And I also know, that Rios had some tennis skills, but he was just a guy I really disliked and I hardly dislike Tennis Players.

Spud Dog

Fed and Rios played each other twice in 2002. Fed is 2-0 (both on hard courts). I'm surprised those two matches would have made that much of an impression on Fed. I agree with loreley, Fed says nice stuff about everybody.


The question was: what player did you like to watch playing. He could have chosen any player.

I do not know if you say this in english, we say "give to the caesar wht belongs to the Caesar...."

Spud Dog

Sorry for the misunderstanding Antonio! Rios had huge game! Though I was not a fan of him, I was not trying to criticize him.

Matthew 22:21 "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's."



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