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March 30, 2006



Listen, I'm thrilled Venus and Serena have other interests, too many athletes don't and when they're done with sports don't know what to do with their lives because their only interest was the sport they were playing. They seem like smart young women who have broad interests.

However, if they don't want to play tennis anymore they should just come out and say, "Hey, I had a fun ride, I'm retiring with lots of money and the knowledge that I'm one of the best of all time, I'm tired of the grind and I want to do something else with my time. See you later." Stop saying that you're dedicated to tennis when you're clearly not, stop saying tennis is your #1 focus when it's clearly not.

I think the writer is a little too harsh on Evert and Navaratilova - they don't like to see people wasting their potential and it's clear that both sisters could have been among the Top 5 of all-time if they had kept it together. Chris and Martina played when they got miniscule paychecks and women got the shaft on a regular basis, they have a tough time seeing someone chuck their hard-earned talent for something they have loads of time to do.

simba leslie

why are people so concered about what venus and serena do? may be they don't want to play tennis till they are 40 or 50. i think people should just leave them alone. the same people who are criticizing them never encourage them when they did well. people are so hard on them. we will see when they retire, who they will all be focus on. i am so tired of hearing the negative comment about them even when they are not playing. who will represent the USA when they are gone. i


Actually simba leslie, I don't want them to retire - I want to see them on court. When they are at their best, they are beautiful to watch, their athleticism is striking and I love watching them play.

They still have so much to offer the game and they bring in fans who otherwise wouldn't watch tennis.

As for what happens with American tennis after they're gone, well Davenport is on her last legs, who knows when Capriati is coming back, and there really isn't anyone else on the horizon. It's pretty sad.

Spud Dog

Evert writes. ``If you're completely happy with the way your life is, crumple up this letter and throw it away. Just remember you have an opportunity of the rarest kind -- to be the greatest ever.''
I still don't look at the Evert article as a criticism. It seems more like unwanted advice from a great champion who has the advantage of age and experience. Yea, Evert could mind her own business and leave poor Serena alone, but maybe she really cares about Serena. I know she really cares about the state of women's tennis and especially U.S. tennis.

Martina N needs to go jump off a bridge. Her ass can't win singles titles anymore so she has to try for doubles titles. Since day one she as criticized venus and serena. I used to like her, but a time comes when you just need to LET GO! Her ass is annoying...

Spud Dog

Now THAT is criticism.


I think athletes should be allow to do what they want on their spare time. Everybody is saying they are seeing Serena here and there partying who knows if she actually working out in the morning?
Capriati is been out for a while now, I'm sure she's not seating at home watching tennis all day or practicing but do we hear any criticism about it no. So leave the Williams alone. I know the tennis game misses the Williams but this is not the right way to go about getting them back. I think Navratilova is great but I didn't hear her say anything good when Serena and Venus were doing good. I think all these people miss watching great games on TV. If the Williams say they are coming back, they are, so we need to be patient. I rather see them come back in top shape rather than being pressure into playing while not in shape. Why embarrass themselves?

Spud Dog

Navratilova did not call a press conference to announce criticism of the Williamses. I'm assuming that some media person asked her about them during an interview. I don't know Navratilova personally, maybe she is deliberately trying to criticize the Williamses. If so, she needs to decline the question and move on with the interview. Maybe she truly cares for the Williamses and is offering them advice from a professional tennis player's perspective. If so, she is right on the money.

The Williamses are free to do (and will do) what they want, but from a tennis perspective, they are not currently pursuing their full potential. This has got to be pretty frustrating to a lot of tour players who would still lose to them today.


I think the Williams girls should stay right where they are and party for the rest of their lives if they choose. Let all those other girls who aren't nearly half as good (or criticized) save women's tennis. Without the level of athleticism the Williamses bring, the WTA is going to go right back to being a fluff game for the mens matches. Sure they'll have the ones they can sell as pin-ups, but come on, how many female athletes get the kind of respect for their athleticism the Williamses get? The tennis world can't blame anybody but themselves, they should have treated those girls right when their hearts and minds were completely on tennis.

Spud Dog

I'm not sure I buy the "we stopped playing because we weren't appreciated" routine.

They are free to do what they wish. The WTA will do (has done) just fine without them. It's U.S. tennis that needs them back desperately. The rest of the world won't miss them much.

If they feel mistreated and decide that the solution is to move on to something else, bravo to them and good luck. It is unfortunate that they were not appreciated more but some of that they brought on themselves. It can be pretty tough as a public figure, you have to enjoy the perks more than the negative stuff.

It's interesting that Serena wants to pursue an acting career. Back in the lime-light to be mistreated all over again?

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