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March 01, 2006



poor coria


Yeah - wish I knew whether that shoulder never healed right after surgery or he's just got the yips. Looks like he'll never get that French Open title now.


so sad that coria cant still get to his perfect condition. his weak service for the past several months really affected his gameplan. i wish i could see improvement this season specially on his fave surface(clay) otherwise im afraid that he's retirement would be soon.


Maybe he has problems with his shoulder. It can ( sometimes after surgical treatment or sometimes idiopathic) occur an autimmunologic disease so called Personage -Turner syndrom. He should go to good neurologist or orthopedist to eliminate or determine this diagnosis. When this syndrom is not cured it can lead to completely destruction of brachial plexus ( neurologic amyotrophy ) and even paralysis of diaphragm.

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