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March 30, 2006



I watched her brief interview on ESPN with Cliff and Mary Joe and I was stricken by her suggestion that not ehabbing the injuries correctly is partially to blame for her delayed return to the court. That floored me. There are too many resources available to professional athletes in this day and age. How could her team not find the right program for her? She needs to consult with Kim's doctors. They sure know how to piece her back together quickly.


Please come back Capriati! The game of tennis is just not the same without you.


Capriati~you are the best womens tennis player in the entire world! Youre going to make the best comeback ever~i know it!

Diana Hamlett

Tennis is not the same without you, Jennifer. USTA needs you and the public misses you. You brought exccitement to the pro games that no one else did.

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