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January 31, 2006



Shriver is spot on. JHH will have to live with this all her career now. Look how we are with Hingis, everyone is happy she's back and playing well but we still remember her dreadful behaviour against Graf at the French and her inability to lose with the same grace as she wins.


I agreed with Pam Shriver completely. It was nice to hear a former player who experienced stomach discomforts actually explain the pain. In the other article, everyone who commented in Henin's favor had no real idea what it was like to have these pains and here we have a former player w/20 years tour experience give us the details and then conclude that she should have toughed it out. I know people have said she may have been at serious injury risk, we don't know how bad it was, why did it matter if she quit, we don't know how sick she was. Well all of that is fine, but I think everyone has underplayed the significance of reaching and playing in a grand slam final. This is the big leagues and I find it unacceptable to quit b/c of a tummy ache. Unless you are physically ailing (sprains, limps, strains) to where you can cause yourself serious injuries, I think you should tough it out. I don't buy a stomach ache as being so serious that she would have put her career in jeporady to continue playing. I don't think this was related to her virus that cost her a year on tour. If I'm right, that was a completely different type of virus. I think she may have been sick at her stomach, but let's face it, she quit because she knew there was no hope to win. And you can't say, what does it matter or if Mauresmo was going to win why does it matter. This is the grand slam final in tennis. These are the matches that go down in history and Justine wrote her history as a quitter. It is unacceptable and no matter what excuse or reason anyone comes up with, it is unforgivable and it will take a long time for people to forgive her or trust her as a player.

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