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December 21, 2005



What for a fool he's. He got a 2nd chance and wasted it. I really never thought, that someone can be so stupid. I was happy for him, when he reached the French Open Final. He fooled us tennis fans too.


Wow! Eight years is extremely steep - his career is over, he'll be in his mid-30s by the time the suspension is over. Not saying it wasn't deserved, but outside of track and field, tennis is the only sport that really lays the hammer on athletes who test positive.

Well, he knew the rules and knew that if he got caught again he'd be out for good, can't say I have much sympathy. I'm sure he'll appeal the sentence.


he deserves it. it's about time to set a really good example.

The first positive test was for asthma medication--I have a grandson with asthma and the only drug that prevents him from certain hospitalization is a steroid. Asthma is a life threatening condition; people die from it; and I think that should have been taken into account for Puerta's first offense. Tennis is not worth dying for--yet asthma should not stop someone from playing. And I can understand that he may have taken some OTC medication--I do not believe that he did it intentionally and it was so minute that it could not alter his performance. This is too harsh.


but is he the only player with asthma?


You can take asthma medication and still play on the tour. You just have to get the appropriate medical clearances for anything you take.

I don't remember the details of Puerta's first case. I think it was something like his asthma that had been dormant since childhood popped up again suddenly due to some family stresses (infant niece in the hospital or something like that), and he'd taken some medication at the hospital for an attack.

Assuming the meds were necessary in an emergency situation, he should have immediately informed the ATP and he wouldn't have had any trouble. He didn't. And as I recall, the ATP had some doubt about the truth to his story anyway. But they still took it easy on him by reducing the standard 2-year suspension to 9 months.

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