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October 14, 2005



Though Dinara hasn't fully realized her potential as yet, she does deserve credit for 20+ spots she's leaped in the rankings this year. And she'll be close to breaking into the Top 20 after this tourney, yes?


I agree wholeheartedly - Safina is a much better player then she's really shown. I'm glad to see her win a match like this.

Also, I'm a fan of Sharapova but I'm glad she lost today - she really needs to put her racket down and just chill for a month or so before playing again. It's obvious she is not mentally or physically prepared to be playing these matches.


Perhaps the extra two inches Sharapova reportedly grew this year have thrown her balance and timing off, causing her to muscle the ball more and thus get injured. I agree she needs to take some time off to work on this instead of trying to play through it.

As for Safina, I definitely DEFINITELY want to see her keep winning. Mental conditions ARE genetically linked though. :p

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