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October 14, 2005



You are being unfair. If he's not guilty, he deserves to reap the fruits of his labor. If that fruit is the year end championships then so be it.


Unfair to him, true. But it's not fair to tennis either if he makes it and the news coverage of the event is all "In tennis, dopers play for the championship" and that sort of thing. And in truth I just don't believe that he "accidentally" took something on the banned list twice.


I don't believe that he'll go far. It's too much stress for him and I have problems to believe that he's innocent as well.


Concluding without any evidence is completely nonsense.


Tell this L'Equipe ;)


Actually, if Puerta is guilty but still manages to qualify for Masters Cup, it is pretty much ATP's fault too. It's been 5 months since the French Open... what's taking them so long to release the test results? No interim measures? This is worse than bureaucractic governments... *shakes head*

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