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February 08, 2010


Tom Loughrey

I heard this story during the Superbowl and was thoroughly surprised. I understand why it was so frustrating to Roddick. If someone that puts in less than half the effort as you, and they beat you on a tennis court it's a frustrating thing.

Natural talent is something to be envied. Anyone can play a sport as much as they want, but there will always be those few people who have the natural edge because of their god-given ability.

I didn't know Drew Brees was such an athletic being. Being a quarterback in the NFL with a cannon arm doesn't really get you a reputation for being a superb athlete.

I personally, would love to see Brees go to a tennis tournament and try to return some Roddick serves, as part of a charity event or something along those lines. I'd like to see if he can read the best server in the U.S., like he reads NFL defenses.

tennis shorts

I would like to see some celebrity tennis events. See if there any other famous people that could challenge Brees. Thy have celebrity events in other sports, why not tennis. I know they did a few times at the US Open for a few games. I like seeing celebs go at it. Especially athletes in other sports.

Mike McIntyre

I agree with both of your comments about the appeal of more charity events and cross-athletic appearances by sports stars who are from outside of the ATP and WTA Tours.

If kids today see people like Drew Brees and Terrell Owens hanging out with tennis players like Andy Roddick, they might view our sport in a different way.

Who are some other celebrity tennis fans or athletes from other sports we would like to see out there?

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