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Andy Murray's Girlfriend

If Andy Murray had hoped to keep his private life private, he blew that with his celebrations after his big victory on Sunday.

From The Times: Murray pays more than lip service to secret girl

THERE are many intriguing aspects to the close observation of a thrilling young talent and one of these is the way the entire nation turns into a benevolent old uncle at the drop of a set. Or aunt. We are concerned, supportive, occasionally worried, frequently elated, but we have no direct responsibility. All the pleasures of avuncularity are available to us...

But there were still more revelations of his precocity. Victory complete, he turned not to mother or to coach, but to a pretty girl and tasted victory from her lips. He had beaten two of the finest players on the planet, one after the other, and then given his girl a hearty snog at the end of it all. Damn and blast it all, why wasn’t my youth like that? Or yours? Still, as uncles (or aunts) we can still enjoy it vicariously.

The lips belonged to Kimberly Sears. Like Murray, she is 18. She was Murray’s entire entourage in San Jose. She was on her half-term holiday. Now Murray goes to a tournament in Memphis, Tennessee, while the information is that Kimberly goes back to Brighton to carry on with her A-levels. Drama, music and art, since you ask, although Murray could give her a few lessons in drama.

She is the daughter of Nigel Sears, a British tennis coach working with Daniela Hantuchova. Murray met Kimberly during the US Open last year and managed to keep it quiet until the incontinent moment of victory blew the gaff.

This was a great teenage adventure. Murray’s coach, Mark Petchey, didn’t travel to San Jose, wanting to spend half-term with his family. So the kids did it on their own and in this mock-grown-up jaunt Murray found within himself the reserves to outplay Roddick and Hewitt. ...

Murray is hot. He has a singed-barbed-wire haircut, he does wild expressions and Celtic yells, he is always passing out or vomiting, he is usually in a ferment and in the moment of triumph, he fought his way through to his girl for a triumphant, public kiss. Not very Henman, no.

“We have absolutely no worries for Kimberley,” Sears père said. “She is a very sensible girl who loves to have fun. They are two young kids who are very happy.”



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