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January 07, 2006



who else are gay? aside from amelie mauresmo?


Got me. That's the first I heard Stubbs or Raymond was gay.


You have got to be kidding me?


It's been an "open secret" for quite a while that both Stubbs and Raymond are gay.

Who is definitely gay on the WTA:
-Martina Navratilova
-Jana Novotna
-Hana Mandlikova
-Amelie Mauresmo
-Gigi Fernandez
-Conchita Martinez (not officially "out", but her being a lesbian is one of the worst kept secrets in sports history)
-Rennae Stubbs
-Lisa Raymond
-Samantha Stosur (same as with Conchita, not officially "out", but it's pretty much well known)


stosur is so not gay


im sorry but sam stosur is totally gay,,,its a known fact on tour


i didn't know that there are that many lesbians in the tour. do you know of any gay men in the atp tour?


how do u know stosur is gay?


Get out of here.. are you sure about Sam Stosur? I thought she travels with her boyfriend - Adam or something like that?

I heard a rumour about Alicia Molik dating Kuznetova but I don't believe that either. I think people just make things up for the sake of it.

Anyhow, just saw this article.. will be a shame when/if Stubbsy retires. She's a great player.


haven't heard any rumors about gay players on the atp tour... strange that the women come out but the men don't


i heard maria sharapova got all offended that sam stosur tried to grab and kiss her...

were did u here this about maria and sam?


Jan-Michael Gambill is gay, though I don't think he would come out because in men's sports, that's crucifixion. You see, in women's sports, on the whole, a large percentage are gay. In men's, its just the opposite, an extremely small percentage. If you come out, you won't find the camraderie or others in the same boat.


There was an article in a Sydney newspaper about Stosur marrying her girlfriend in Florida in March. It was in the MX newspaper you get for free as well on trains going home from work (in melbourne).


wonder what her girlfrind looks like? stosurs hot so i reckon her girlfriend woudl be. but then look at sarah stone. shes a bulldog and sam dated her didnt she? im sure her girlfriend nows much better. good on her hey. thats realy cool.

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