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December 20, 2005


Jon Rubinstein

There is something wrong when a minor's information is made public. If this was someone being arrested, information would have been kept confidential. If she tested positive, that's one thing. There would have to be an explanation as to why she is off the tour for 2 years. To announce that she was pregnant is an atrocity. If she wants to announce that, it is her business, not a newspaper. What type of journalism are they doing in France. As for Puerta, something should be done. Suspend him. Don't suspend him. Make a decision. I agree that performance enhancing drugs are wrong, but 2 years in a tennis career is way to harsh. A week in baseball is a slap on the wrist. Something like 6 months to a year for a first offense is realistic.


I agree with both of you. This is heading into absurd territory.

The ITF was supposed to have announced the results of the tribunal in the beginning of December, but in two weeks it will be January and the season will be in full swing again. If Puerta did test positive then say so and end this chicanery now. If he didn't then exonerate him and let him get back to playing tennis.

L'Equipe has gotten some things right but they've also gotten stuff wrong in the past. If Puerta is truly innocent as well as Karatantcheva, I hope they both file suit against the paper. Can you imagine being 15 and having your sex life spread out all across the paper for the world to see?

Whatever the case the ITF needs to end this specualtion now and stop dragging its feet. This is why Dick Pound wanted to take over drug testing in tennis.


You mean to tell me she was pregnant at 15????? What is happening to the world....


probably there is some truth to their reports since if this wasn't true, then the ITF and the players involved should have sued the newspaper immediately after the news was reported. but it didn't happen and doesn't see it happening soon. i really hope the rumor is not true.

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