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Sharapova's Mom

A rare story on Maria Sharapova's mother in The Guardian: Mother is the quiet power behind queen Sharapova

Yet, for all that, the enduring image of that day was watching her desperately trying to ring her mum from Centre Court to tell her that she had just achieved a lifetime's ambition at the age of just 17.

"I forgot she was on a plane to New York, which is why I couldn't get through," Sharapova remembers. "At the end of the match, she saw on the TV in the plane that I was trying to call her. She went up to the stewardess to ask if she could turn her phone on and talk to me but my mum is not the kind of lady to jump up and down."...

"She doesn't like the spotlight or to be around the tennis world," says Sharapova, who admits that she and Yelena speak several times a day and that her mother has the unenviable task of sifting through all of her daughter's fan mail.

"I talk about everything with her. She's always the first person I call when I'm feeling down. You might wake up and feel like everything's wrong, you've been on the road for eight weeks and you've got another four to go, and of course I have those moments all the time. I call and say, 'Mum, I want to go home.'"



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