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About This Site

I've been a tennis fan since I was a kid. I grew up watching Becker-Edberg Wimbledon finals on family vacations.

I did give it up for a few years after once tuning into a tournament with great anticipation and ending up watching a Goran Ivanisevic - Marc Rosset match.  I swear, the longest point of the whole match couldn't have been more than three strokes.  But the return game came back around, thank goodness, and I came back.

It used to be that I considered myself lucky to be able to see the Grand Slams on TV and get the scores in small print on the back page of the sports section of the local paper.  But now...

The internet is fabulous for tennis.  These days I can follow the tournaments week in and week out all over the world - live scores, press conference transcripts, you name it depending on the week.  And all without spending a dime.  My only remaining dream now is that The Tennis Channel will finally come to my cable system.

The only downside to this increased tennis access is that I now spend far too much time searching the internet for the latest tennis news.  So in an effort to make this not seem like a waste of time to myself, this blog was born.  Hope you enjoy it.

- Mike